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How do we make
such delicious soup?

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This is how we work

The origin of our primary come from surplus ingredients at the Verspillingsfabriek. Depending upon the type of ingredient, each product is checked in, washed, cut and weighed. Only then can we get cooking with our specialized recipes. Our production kitchen has two industrial-sized steamers with a capacity of 500 liters each.

We don’t add preservatives or chemical additives to our rescued ingredients. Our recipes are developed in a tasting lab. Not only that, our end products undergo elaborate scrutiny and testing.

The Verspillingsfabriek’s assortment is suitable for both the retail and food service industry. We take food safety, hygiene and shelf-life seriously. This is why we pasteurize our products with the steri-flow system, prior to preparing them for labelling and further distribution.

In an ideal world we would like to take on all the surplus ingredients available. We must however limit ourselves to accepting products that can withstand our meticulous production process.

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Paprika banner

Do you have surplus to offer?

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The production process

If you take a look at our factory, you will notice that logistics are fine-tuned to production methods. Surplus ingredients flow effortlessly into our facilities through our vast loading docks.  Our large cool storage facilities (of 1000 m2 ) enable us to receive, channel and stock raw materials for further use. The washing and cutting of food products takes place in our cold kitchen, where it is moved via an internal refrigeration system to the production kitchen. Here is where two industrial-sized steamers with a capacity of 500 liters each are located. The cool-down and packaging processes of prepared foods also takes place in this area. Pasteurization and labelling of the end products are the final step to the production process. Our products are then cold-stored and ready for transport.

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Food safety

High quality is essential to us. In order to win recognition on the supermarket shelves, our end product must not only taste good, it must reflect scrupulous care. This is why we follow the HACCP food safety system to the letter. We started production of foods made with rescued ingredients in 2016. Our goal is to achieve the highly regarded FSSC 22.000 certificate as soon as possible. Certification will further validate both the quality as the safety of our products. We are convinced that FSSC 22.000 certification will aid us in our journey towards continuous food safety improvement, while helping us further in precise analysis of risk control. This certificate is not only recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI); it is also highly respected by our customers. Safety is an essential part of our mission. 


Would you rather see your surplus utilized by our factory instead of landing in the bin? 


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